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Issue with Ram by [KC] SARGE, 06/10/2014 11:18:55 PM, No replies

Hey All, I recently purchased 8 more gigs of ram for my computer bringing up to 16. When I inserted the ram and went to start the computer it would not start. It kept trying to but failed. I removed the new Ram and it booted up no problem. Any ideas what could be the issue here? Ram is the same b…

Finally Getting A Rig by [KC] SARGE, 08/03/2013 10:48:59 PM, 1 reply

Hey guys, Come Black Friday, I plan on ordering all the parts I would need for a gaming desktop. I will admit I do not know what much about which components are best. I would greatly appreciate help in designing a computer for me with an end cost somewhere between $1200-1600 for everything from g…

New video card by [KC] nex, 11/30/2012 04:38:21 PM, 4 replies

Hooray for Black Friday sales; I was able to get a Radeon HD 7870 card for $210 from Tiger Direct. I installed it yesterday and tested it briefly. Borderlands 2 runs a bit better with slightly higher settings, but turning all the settings to max dropped my FPS to around 30 so I dropped some of th…

New Build by [KC] Jak, 06/15/2012 12:14:19 AM, 7 replies

It's not new, new because I still have the same Antec 900, power supply, and hard drives, but the 2500k and 7850 are new over my old Q6600 and 5850.