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Test your reaction time

We had a thread a while ago for click speed. Click speed (and obviously aim) are relevant with semi-auto weapons and for games that require bursting. Click speed would be more relevant for close quarters games as well. I'm curious what everyone gets for click speed.

I got roughly 0.26 seconds for the 5 try average.
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I did this for about 10 minutes and got a run with the average 0.1908

I've been able to anticipate the longer ones and get as low as 0.093 seconds but when it changes to green within a few seconds I'm usually just under the average. So essentially I'm cheating and not truly reacting to the change but anticipating it and making a really accurate guess.

For a true reaction test, you'd have to have multiple inputs so that you couldn't cheat it like I did.
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Technically you didn't cheat as reaction is often based off of anticipation. You increase reaction time by learning to anticipate the actions of people/animals/computers/etc. Part of the purpose of games (specifically America's Army) was to test/increase potential recruits reaction to semi-predictable events. The majority of combat training we go through in the Army (post-basic anyway) really just gives soldiers a base of reference for real world action so that their reactions are quicker and more appropriate to the circumstances involved.

Of course I cheated by spamming the mouse button as soon as I hit the go button. I believe my average was 0.02 something. That still is a reaction, but certainly distorts the intended results to the extent of rendering them useless to the test.
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Blogg just explained the difference between good and bad players, especially in games like CoD4 where sound, UAV, a bad spawn system, and predictable movement patterns give the already good players a huge advantage. I can definitely see video games helping with real world situations, as well as peripheral vision, reflexes, perception, and decision making. I've also read this, despite the popularity of bashing people who play videos games.

This test needs to have some sort of penalty for spamming too early ._.
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Nifty, although I think I've seen this before, which is possible since it's been up since 2002 (holy crap I was in high school then). Anyway, I tried it a few times and got a 0.014 once by accident. I seem to average about 0.25 when I'm focused; my last 4 tries were 0.2522, 0.2517, and 0.2478, and 0.2486.

I noticed that I seem to just space out on about 1 click per test: out of my last 5 tries I got a 0.21 and a 0.29 right afterwards. After that I was pretty consistent. I guess clicking a button when a light turns green isn't exactly a riveting game.

I'd guess that anyone who plays FPS games or video games in general will probably have average times under 0.3 seconds. As we've determined though, anticipation makes all the difference between simply having good reactions and being good at a game. Also, I think the more you take a test like this, the better you are likely to get at it. Part of reactions are how automatic they are, and practice will do that.