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Hooray for Black Friday sales; I was able to get a Radeon HD 7870 card for $210 from Tiger Direct. I installed it yesterday and tested it briefly.

Borderlands 2 runs a bit better with slightly higher settings, but turning all the settings to max dropped my FPS to around 30 so I dropped some of the settings down a bit. It already looked good and ran well for me though so this wasn't a big deal.

What was significant was that the card seems to do waaayyy better running BF3 than my HD 4890, which was the primary reason I bought it. With my old card, I had particular difficulty running the newer BF3 maps and remembered averaging about 20 FPS on Ziba Tower; with my new card, I seem to average around 60, which it honestly better than I expected. I played a different map and experienced similar results.

So, it'll be nice to join you guys in BF3 once again, especially since there have been a few updates since I've last played it. See you on the battlefield.
posted 11/30/2012 05:07:50 PM (modified 11/30/2012 05:08:23 PM by [KC] Jak)
I'm very happy that it runs BF3. Keep in mind that you won't get similar results for games which need more CPU as people who have better processors. The slight overlcock and 7870 should run most things very well now.

AMD released new drivers in October which significantly improve BF3 framerates for all the 7-series cards. My 7850 at stock + 2500k @ 4.4 runs BF3 with ultra textures, everything else low, and 2x AA with 70 or 75+ fps at 1920x1080. I definitely recommend having at least 2xAA on. 4xAA will be a performance hog, but any sort of anti-aliasing makes the game much better. There is a lot of clutter, and tons of edges make it worse.

You got a better card for $40 less than I paid in the Summer, so you did pretty well. The card should be cool and quiet. Is it the Sapphire one with the dual fans? If it is, that is a great cooler. I never hear it. And in case people are shopping for video cards, sacrifice the $20 and get a non-reference cooler.
posted 11/30/2012 07:22:48 PM
Yeah it has 2 fans, it's quieter than my old card, and I believe it uses less power as well. I know my CPU and a few other components limit my new card a bit but the difference it makes is still quite significant.
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I got a 670 OC edition.

And an AMD FX 8350...

And everything else that goes with a computer... Except keyboard, monitor, and mouse.
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The FPS rates would be slightly in this benchmark for a 4890, but the 4870 already uses more power. The 4890 uses more power than a 4870. There's no BF3 benchmarks for the 4870, but you basically have doubled you FPS. Make sure to get the latest drivers.